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Through speaking engagements and 1:1 coaching, Leila Ansart helps savvy professionals to discover the innovative keys that unlock how to outperform yourself, boost your motivation, and build a vibrant and exciting life.


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The description of the seminar intrigued me—and the session did not disappoint! Leila knows her stuff, and her approachable and conversational style made the information easy to understand and use immediately. So many workshops talk theory but not implementation. I found myself immediately applying the concepts to my thinking and conversations—and I continue to use the concepts months later! The workshop has helped me focus in on my goals, change my approach to communicating, and has piqued my interest in the science behind these new ways of thinking.
– Erin O’Malley
Speaker, Facilitator, ErinOConsulting

“Mindset content that was inspirational, insightful, and surprisingly practical too.  Most definitely one of the most useful sessions today. “

“Authentic, relatable, heartwarming and polished.  Thank you for a great workshop!”

“Leila is a great speaker! Her presentations are clear, concise, and very practical. She is approachable and friendly.”

–Other attendees

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