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I help amazing women like you release mental and emotional blocks that keep them from career success.

“Mindset content that was inspirational, insightful, and surprisingly practical too.  Most definitely one of the most useful sessions today. “ “Authentic, relatable, heartwarming and polished.  Thank you for a great workshop!” “Leila is a great speaker! Her presentations was moving and impactful. And, as a bonus, she comes off approachable too.” –Other attendees
Leila knows her stuff, and her approachable and conversational style made the information she presented easy to understand and use immediately. So many workshops talk theory but not implementation. I found myself immediately applying the concepts to my thinking and conversations—and I continue to use the concepts months later! The workshop has helped me focus in on my goals, change my approach to communicating, and has piqued my interest in the science behind these new ways of thinking. – Erin O’Malley Speaker, Facilitator, ErinOConsulting


All Gas Pedal, No Brake

Hey girl. yes, YOU...reading this blog post. I know you’re trying to slow down and take time out of your packed day to breathe for a moment.  The problem is, you haven't quite figured out how to actually do that yet.   You're an accomplished, ambitious woman with...

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A Not-So-Common Tip for Handling Stress

Seems like life gets more and more stressful. Today I actively had to pull my focus away from something I'm stressed about ... and ask myself, "What do I want instead?" This is one of the secrets I teach my coaching clients... how you can redirect your own...

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Client Story – Increased Motivation

Elita owns her own publication and has to be at her best each day to work her business, grow her following and bring in the income she needs.   Last year she hit a slump... She described it as hitting her "stop point".  When she would reach a certain...

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