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Part Two

As I mentioned in part 1 of this series, I was recently reflecting on how I personally have grown in the last year, I reached out to several amazing women in business that I am lucky enough to know and asked them if they’d be willing to share a bit of wisdom from their journeys.

I was inspired —and reminded that no matter where we come from, and where we are right now, there are so many similarities among us.

Enjoy these little snippets and the stories behind them offered by these successful, confident and amazing women…


Take time each day to read 

In the last few years, I have learned to take 20-30 minutes a day for personal development.

This can entail reading or listening to audio books or podcasts.  There are so many great books out there…

  • Failing Forward by John Maxwell
  • Eat The Frog, Brian Tracy
  • Million Dollar Women, by Julia Pimsleur
  • Currently on audio I am listening to Brainblocks by Theo Tsaousides.

For me, reading or listening is key… to slow your life down enough to be in that time and space and learn from what you are reading.

Gretchen Frana

Gretchen is a third generation Farmers Insurance agent of 27 years, following her father and grandfather’s footsteps.   She loves her job, and educates people on what insurance is and how it can serve you and your family.  The time of finding out what coverages you have is not at the time of a claim.  Gretchen has been married 19 years and has 2 beautiful children.  They are her family, her world and everything she lives for.  She enjoys spending time with friends that make her laugh, challenge her and inspire her. You can learn more about Gretchen on her Facebook Page


Take one tiny step at a time

In January 2015 I started to write my first book. I was in adrenal insufficiency and barely able to keep my eyes open some days. I was the owner of a beautiful wellness clinic I no longer loved. I was lost and not sure what I was going to do about it. I did not have a plan and could not see the way.

By December 2015, with lots of baby steps, everything changed.

I completed my book and became a #1 International Best Selling author. I launched a new company. I discovered a new passion as a podcaster. I exited my clinic (it was so difficult to let it go). I worked on my health. I learned a ton about creating a successful online business and now I get to help others do the same!

One tiny step at a time can change everything for you too!

Discover the 7 Action Steps I took to launch my online business and book $11,000 in my first 3 months (while still seeing acupuncture clients and running my holistic clinic) by clicking here.

Michelle McGlade


Michelle McGlade, business mentor for women entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry who desire to take the leap from local biz owner to online biz maven. She is the #1 International Best Selling author of Unstoppable: Strategies to Launch and Grow Your Holistic Practice. Connect with her at

Embrace Failure

Last year, I learned many things about myself and my ability to run my business. The biggest thing I learned was embracing failure… and I actually loved it! I failed in my business and at first I was sad, but I realized this really was my first attempt in learning something new.

Failure is such a negative word and we try to avoid it, but the moment you embrace it, step back, and look at what happened, you quickly learn that this is the opportunity to make changes and go bigger than before. I failed in 2015, but now I am much better for it!


Phylecia Jones is an energetic and passionate budgeting nerd! She is the CFO and Founder of Keep Up with Mrs. Jones where she is on a mission to change the lives of women entrepreneurs, one budget at a time. Her smart money moves have allowed her to reach a near 7-figure personal net worth, ‘retire’ at the age of 36 years old and start a new chapter in her life. She now mentors solo-preneurs on being confident and smart with their money.  In her down time, Phylecia loves to travel and reads the occasional Batman comic book.  Learn more about here at


Live in Your Soul Zone

I would love to share a lesson I learned  . . . live in your “Soul Zone”. To me your soul zone means that you are living a positive, fulfilling, and purposeful life. It means listening to your soul – that inner voice or intuition.

I learned to listen to my soul and it guided me to one of my 2015 intentions. I set the intention (I use this word instead of goal), to write a book. I didn’t write a book by myself, I shared this journey with 200 other souls as a Contributing Author.

In November 2015 “365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul” was launched. It was a #1 Amazon Best Seller in 4 categories. It was just released on Kindle in January 2016.  I wish you an amazing and soul-filled 2016.

Heather Nardi


Heather Nardi is a healer, a flower and gemstone essence practitioner, and a holistic health coach. Also, an author and speaker. A Mom of 2 children; ages 15 and 9, a wife, and a dog owner. She loves spending time in nature and surrounding herself with positive people. Learn more about her at


Embrace what makes you different

At 40 years old I can finally admit it; I’m not like other girls and thank God, I am finally proud of it!  Without going into excruciating detail, I’ll just say that I grew up in an environment where women were not supposed to stand out and when you hit 6 foot by middle school and can’t seem to make your brain agree with the stuff everyone around you is trying to teach, you learn to quash yourself in order to blend in.  I didn’t look like the girls around me and my goals in life were different than theirs – babies and housework were just never my thing.  As I got older I learned to stop suppressing some things but never really let myself be me.

Fast forward to 2015.  Through a series of events I ended up opening a consulting business with my husband.  Now, I know what I’m good at, I know I rock at Human Resources, the corporate me has never really had a confidence issue; but at the time I didn’t realize that starting your own business has very little to do with how good you are at what your business does.  Suddenly; introverted, try to blend in, “just keep your head down and work hard” me was flung into networking.  Not just the occasional networking event, but several days a week and sometimes several times a day networking.  We’re talking “so exhausted from being personable and talking to strangers that by 3PM I wanted to go to bed” exhaustion.

2015 and all that networking taught me what may be one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in my life – being different is an asset, not a disadvantage.  Once I faced my fear of networking and really jumped in, I quickly found it became easier, much easier.  Suddenly I found myself enjoying the interaction with all these strangers, I found myself enjoying running into someone I met previously or booking coffee with someone who I felt I could develop a strategic partnership with.  But most importantly I discovered that all the things I’d tried to hide for so long, those things that had always made me different, those things were my greatest strength.  People remembered me and remembered me in a good way, they would come up to me and say, “I remember meeting you at such and such event last month.”  Early on I was at an event talking to someone I had met several times and one of those scenarios came up, the person who I didn’t remember started talking to the person I did remember and a comment was made about how can you not remember me, I stand out in a room.   It was my eureka moment!  The height that made me weird as a kid became one of my greatest assets, I didn’t have to worry about being just another face in a crowd; I was unforgettable.

Looking back at 2015, it was a whirlwind year complete with a cross-country move, starting a new business, and generally having my life turned upside down, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world because it taught me so much.  The toothpaste is out of the tube, it can’t be stuffed back in.  The girl who wanted to quash herself to blend in will never go back; she is learning to be her fearless, fabulous self!

The things that make us unique are the things that make us memorable and when you are creating your brand, whether for your own business or just to place yourself in a better position in your career, memorable is your greatest asset.

Mariane Gular

Marianne Gular is an entrepreneur who currently manages several businesses including her consulting business, Integrity Business Partners, LLC; and her newest venture IBP Business Academy.  She spent nearly 20 years working in corporate Human Resources before realizing that her dream was to be her own boss.  When not stretching her comfort zone building businesses, she enjoys spending quiet time with her husband and 2 adorable rescue dogs.  Her passions include reading and learning new things, food, and all things related to healthy living.  Learn more about her at





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