Hi there, I am passionate about life.

I believe that in every woman there is someone amazing … and my mission is to empower women to own their own awesomeness, and get personal blocks out of their way so they can reach their goals and dreams, giving the world the unique gift that is theirs to give.

My relationships mean everything to me.  I LOVE to empower my friends, family and all the women around me in my world.  We are all on our own journey, and I believe that such a difference can be made with a smile, a conversation or a reminder of the true beauty inside us.

I’m all about my ‘girls nights’ and find myself organizing some kind of get-together everywhere I go… getting amazing women together to let off steam, tell stories and enjoy some laughter.

Friends call me a ‘crusader for the greater good’.  You’ll see this in how I share my passion about health and wellness, sharing solutions that I’ve found personally for safer and better products.

I’m all about practical solutions… theory is great, but I really like to see it work where the rubber meets the road.  Wait ’til you hear my story about trying to figure out my ‘life direction’ for years, while at the same time being torn about the conflicting priorities I had.

I found a way to integrate these opposing points of view in myself and now feel so excited and at peace with my direction.  I love to share this story, and help others get the same congruence within themselves, and let go of negative emotions from the past.

I live in the beautiful beach town of Jacksonville, Florida with my husband, two children, and our dog, Emmie.  Around town here you might see me at Zumba class, enjoying the beach, or checking out new restaurants with friends.


I received my training at the internationally recognized Tad James Co., and hold the following certifications:

  • Certified Practitioner and Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Practitioner of Time Line Therapy
  • Certified Hypnotherapist