I was honored to be a panelist in this last week’s AFWA Women’s Empowerment Panel Breakfast.

I was joined on stage by 4 other successful women who have built their careers, overcome adversity, figured out how to succeed in what can sometimes seem like a ‘man’s world’ and not lost themselves along the way.

One of my favorite questions from the moderator was about books that have impacted us. I’m a big reader, and it was all I could do to not scribble this whole list out as I was sitting there on stage. (Read my blog post on effective listening – only reason I didn’t!)

However, I did listen to the video of the event later so I could grab these titles.  And in case you are a book buff like me, I’m sharing the list below.

Here are 9 Impactful Business /Emotional Intelligence Books that you must add to your reading list.

Do you have a favorite book on business or emotional intelligence that’s not included here?  Post in the comments below!


Leila Ansart

Leila Ansart

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