You are a go-getter.

You normally get sh*t done, but lately, you’ve been in a slump and can’t figure out why.

You know somewhere inside of you is a powerful confident woman who can make things happen. But she’s gone MIA lately.

You want answers. You are tired of feeling stuck and confused, wondering when you will start feeling motivated again so you can move your life forward.  And by the way –um, motivation?  What’s that?  You’ve forgotten the last time you jumped out of bed feeling excited to start your day.

You need answers and you need them NOW.  I get it.

Life’s moving quickly and you want to be back to the KICKA$$ version of YOU.

No time to wait.  Definitely not months (and gah – even years) to spend in therapy, self-study programs or the 12 books you *know* you need to read to find your answer.


You WISH you could just fix this lazy, unfocused feeling that’s been hanging on, and get back to creating your amazing life and future.

You would feel so relieved, at peace with yourself, and able to confidently keep working towards your goals.

You dream of confidently doing what you need to each day, leading your team, making calls, making connections and staying focused, energetic and honed in on your vision through it all.

You would love to get past the internal obstacles stopping you so you could GET ON with your life, feel in control in your business and then enjoy spending time doing what matters most to you.  Your family and dreams are waiting – and you are ready to enjoy them.

You are ready to experience consistent motivation every day so you can serve your team and clients at your best level with no down-time spent second guessing yourself, procrastinating, or feeling discouraged.


  • You can’t get yourself to DO what you need to do consistently.
  • You feel distracted, lazy, and are secretly doubting yourself.
  • You remember being on fire before, but somewhere it fizzled out and now you have no idea how to get it back.
  • You get crazy motivated when things get really bad, and the deadline is close, but when things are coasting along and headed in a good direction, you lose all your ‘umph’.
  • Deep down you have doubts about making any serious money, and you wonder if you are sabotaging your own success when you start to do well.


Here’s where I come in. You don’t have to figure this out alone.

Hi, I’m Leila, and I’m a Success Coach and Mentor for ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs.

My clients are those who want to achieve their goals but currently feel stalled, overwhelmed, and distracted.

I help them I help them QUICKLY figure out what is holding them up, so they experience consistent motivation, love their work and life again, and continue creating the kicka$$ life they want.


Introducing: Restart your Motivation Session

A intro session designed for ambitious women who are READY for their greatness to shine… and to get rid of the obstacles blocking their motivation and productivity.  This intro offer allows you to get a taste of this type of coaching and how it can impact you.

Together we will create instant momentum for you and your life.

Using my gifts and training, I’ll help you find the reasons you are stuck, and show you how to kick them to the curb once and for all. I’ll guide you through a proven strategy to get your motivation back, your mojo fired up again, and your kicka$$ energy flowing once again.

Booking the Restart your Motivation Session includes: 


Before: A brief pre-session questionaire that helps you share with me what is going on so we can make the best use of our time together.


You will also get access to a mini-course as a bonus with your session that you will review prior to our online or in person meeting.  (Time estimate – 1 hour)


During: We will spend 90 minutes together where we will dive into what’s holding you back, what your challenge is and get crystal clear on what you are wanting to accomplish. You’ll uncover some aha’s that will change everything and leave your session with focus, clarity, and wisdom, ready to do some serious action taking!


After:  One 1/2 hour followup call one month after your session to make sure you are on track and firing on all cylinders, access to me by email during my business hours for 30 days, and membership to my exclusive Facebook group (ongoing)  You can’t imagine how good you are going to feel.  Time to stop stalling and START LIVING!


Investment:  $210


Let’s Do This!


Are you interested in working with me?  Awesome. Here’s how to get started:


Step 1:   Click here.  You’ll be taken to my online scheduler where you will schedule your mini-session.


Step 2:  When your session is booked, I will send you your personal invoice and the questionnaire I mentioned. Complete your payment with your credit/debit card.  When it has been received, I will send you a link to youre bonus mini-course.


Step 3.  Fill out the questionnaire, complete the mini-course, and return it to me 2 days before your session.  I will send you a link for your session on Zoom.


Step 4:  On the date/time you picked, click the Zoom link to join our video call.


Prepare for some awesome momentum and clarity to bubble up from inside after our work together.




If you have questions, email me at




I can’t wait to help you see the lessons hidden in your failures, turn your fears into fire, and teach you exactly how to be the BEST YOU on a daily basis.