Hey beautiful. yes, YOU…reading this blog post. I know you’re trying to slow down and take time out of your packed day to breathe for a moment.  The problem is, you haven’t quite figured out how to actually do that yet.
You’re an accomplished, ambitious woman with vision who loves the feeling of getting amazing things done.  Your drive has the power to take you to incredible places, but there’s a downside.


Once you get that productivity engine going, you don’t how to stop.  

You’re all gas pedal, no brake.


Daytime TV?  What’s that? You’ve got better things to do. This tendency you have to do well and achieve has served you. You make a good living and your life is full.

Some might call you an overachiever. And you thrive on the action. You feed off of having so many plates spinning in the air at once.


It makes you feel strong, a force to be reckoned with. But you are anxious, impatient for results, and secretly wondering why you can’t get there faster. Ugh, and then the self-doubt kicks in.


At the end of a long week, you fall exhausted onto your couch, and you hate that part of you that needs downtime. If you had more energy you would just tackle the next project, right then at 11pm.  Am I right?


You’re worried that someone else will pass you, or that you’ll be perceived as weak if you regularly unplug and recharge.  You’re secretly worried you will fail.  
You’re like a heart-racing action packed movie that goes on … for years.


Hold on a hot minute. You need to give yourself permission to have an intermission.


Why? Because recharging is ….productive.
Say what?!!   Yes I mean it.
Those feelings of tiredness, emptiness and anxiety are there to give you a message. Their job is to get you to listen.  
Mindfulness will allow you to tune in to your inner CEO inside.


It’s just like when you go to a great play. You are drawn into the story, and deeply invested in the characters and their struggles. There are moments of glory and of devastation.  And then there’s the intermission. Yup. When you get up out of your seat, stretch your legs, use the bathroom and process what you have experienced.


You may laugh a bit, ask questions to those around you about their views on the story line, and connect over your shared experience of this play, being out together, and life.


So what if you gave yourself permission to have a regular ‘intermission’?


To be your best self, you can’t continue ricocheting between full-throttle action and exhaustion.   A part of you knows this rings true.

YOU need a time to be tuned into your inner CEO. From her, you’ll get deep clarity and wisdom.

It’s where all your productive action meets your internal leadership –like the inspired connection of chocolate and fresh strawberries. It just works, and that connection is so delicious, it keeps you coming back for more.

To be the absolute wonderwoman that you are (or want to be) AND be able to sustain it, you need to be in full control of your gas pedal and your brake.

You must master the relationship between the two and to be 100% in the drivers seat.
You must pull your racecar over and call an ‘intermission’ on yourself. THAT is conscious living, crafting your life to be what YOU want it to be… rather than letting it just run crazy with your schedule and energy.

If you are letting your gift of ambition (sometimes ‘overachieving’) run you, then I’m here to tell you sister, it’s not going to last much longer. Take it from a self-proclaimed overachiever.  YOU must be able to use your ability to power through all obstacles WHEN you decide to –and then hit the brakes when YOU decide to.

Here’s some practical ways to call your mindfulness intermission:


1. Block out time each week for something outside of your business/work.  Pick a hobby, take up golf, or sit on your couch and read fiction.  You need something that feeds your soul and lets you recharge.  And blocking out the time doesn’t mean you aim to take it.  It’s an appointment you must keep with yourself. You are important.

At some point during this time, take several minutes for mindfulness. Meditate, play music and just think. See what you hear from your intuition.


2.  Ask yourself WHY you are driven to go go go?  Sometimes we can go through seasons where we’re so desperate to NOT FAIL that we go overboard with our efforts and wear ourselves out.  If this is you, take the free 5 Day Challenge to end your limiting self talk to work on this mindset issue.


3.  Commit to some ‘down-time’ to a friend. Holding ourselves accountable to care for ourselves can sometimes be a 2 person job.  And btw, make sure your ‘down-time’ isn’t really list making about everything you need to do (that’s still work). At some point during this time, take several minutes for mindfulness. Meditate, play music and just think. See what you hear from your intuition.


4.  Go away for an overnight.  Either by yourself or with your partner or a friend, go explore and get out of your normal routine for at least a night.  Seeing the world through a different lens often recharges us and helps us to see with fresh perspective. Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse for a little time away!  You may find you get a fresh perspective on your life/work when you get back and tune in to your inner CEO.


5.  Sometimes when you only have a pocket of time, you just have to block out 20 minutes, lock your door, put some music on and think. No distractions, no phones, no lists.  Just you and your thoughts. See what clarity comes to you.


What are your ideas for a little mindfulness intermission?  Does this resonate with you?Post in the comments below.  

When you master this, you will be able to keep up your incredible pace over the long haul, while enjoying the journey like crazy along the way.


Leila Ansart

Leila Ansart

Success Coach

I help women kick their self-doubt, build their confidence, uplevel their personal success habits, and discover freedom and purpose.
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