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Mindset Coaching


Do you find yourself held back by invisible barriers?  Working with a Mindset Coach can assist you in busting through these barriers for good… helping you create your own rules for success around what’s important to you.

I offer a no-charge consultation so that you can explore this service with me.

In this meeting, we will sit down (or talk over Facetime/Skype) and you can share what you want and what is holding you back.  I’ll ask you some questions and make sure that I have an understanding of the invisible barriers that are holding you back. Based on our conversation, I will tell you honestly if I can help you, and the amount of time I recommend working with you in order to reach your desired outcome.

At the conclusion of a breakthrough session, I guarantee that my clients will have moved past the blockages that we’ve articulated in their initial consultation.

Don’t waste another day! Click here to schedule your initial conversation with me.


National Speaker


Workshops are designed to help you learn in a group setting about different topics that will empower you, and offer you practical science-backed techniques for overcoming common challenges.

Goal Setting and the Language of the Unconscious Mind

There’s a lot of research about how setting goals can push you toward success, but did you know that the language you use to set these goals can impact your ultimate success or failure?  This 1 hour talk dives into the language of the unconscious mind and how it impacts your ability to achieve what you are shooting for.  An interactive group exercise will challenge participants and help them to make this practical for themselves immediately.

Success is About Growth

This 2 hour talk will inspire and challenge listeners to take stock of what they’ve always believed about success. Practical examples, riveting stories and a passionate delivery will motivate and catapult your organization to stretch their limits and think differently about their individual and team mindsets.  Perfect for leadership development and professional growth events.



Overcoming Worry & Stress

Do you call yourself a ‘worrier’ or find yourself always talking about how stressed you are?  Discover proven techniques that will enable you to manage the concerns you feel about an upcoming event or an ongoing challenge without diving into the hole of worry and anxiety.  Leave this workshop with the knowledge on how to reprogram your brain so that you can feel optimistic about your future and know what to do when worry strikes.


WHAT Do I Want?

There are so many resources available for ‘following your dreams’, but what happens when you don’t know exactly what you want?  I was in this place for a long time myself. I knew what I didn’t want, but had a lot of trouble articulating what I did want for my life (besides what I felt were the obvious things).  I also had days when I came to some clarity about what I wanted, but it involved so many seemingly-unrelated directions.

In this workshop, I break down for you the big “What’s your dream” question, and take you through exercises that help you figure out what your dreams are.



Questions about these workshops?  Please send me a note here.


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