Workshops are designed to help you learn in a group setting about different topics that will empower you, and offer you practical science-backed techniques for overcoming common challenges.


Secrets to Lasting Change


Do you find yourself making the same decision over and over?  If the change you want isn’t sticking, there may be internal conflicts inside of you that are holding you back.  Have you had enough?

In this workshop you’ll learn how your unconscious mind impacts your daily actions and what you can do about it.   Learning to reprogram your mind gives you the secrets to eliminate obstacles that stand in your way, make the decisions  you want to make faster and with more clarity, and make huge strides towards reaching your goals.  This workshop is co-taught with my husband Eric Ansart.  **Click the image above to register.**


Overcoming Worry & Stress

Do you call yourself a ‘worrier’ or find yourself always talking about how stressed you are?  Discover proven techniques that will enable you to manage the concerns you feel about an upcoming event or an ongoing challenge without diving into the hole of worry and anxiety.  Leave this workshop with the knowledge on how to reprogram your brain so that you can feel optimistic about your future and know what to do when worry strikes.


WHAT Do I Want?

There are so many resources available for ‘following your dreams’, but what happens when you don’t know exactly what you want?  I was in this place for a long time myself. I knew what I didn’t want, but had a lot of trouble articulating what I did want for my life (besides what I felt were the obvious things).  I also had days when I came to some clarity about what I wanted, but it involved so many seemingly-unrelated directions.

In this workshop, I break down for you the big “What’s your dream” question, and take you through exercises that help you figure out what your dreams are.

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