Seems like life gets more and more stressful.

Today I actively had to pull my focus away from something I’m stressed about … and ask myself, “What do I want instead?”

This is one of the secrets I teach my coaching clients… how you can redirect your own ability to imagine and ‘worry’ but sending it in a much more productive direction.

Someone wise once told me:

Worrying is praying for something you don’t want. 

You are already focusing and imagining what already happened or what COULD happen … which causes stress and worry. What if you shifted the direction of your powerful imagination to serve you instead?

So I ask you… whatever it is you are worried or obsessing about today… give yourself permission to take just one minute to put that on the shelf and say to yourself, “Self (LOL), what do I want instead??” (I like to include the “Self” part because it makes me smile for a moment.)

Give yourself the gift of that moment … that minute to contemplate a true answer. Imagine what you want instead … for a minute… that thing you would RATHER have… let it be full color in your imagination.

How would it make you feel? What would you hear in your head if that happened?

Let the imaginary scenario get as REAL as possible in your head. Feel like you’re making it all up? YOU ARE. (That means you are doing it right.)

Ok… then breathe. Breathe it in. Focus on THAT (the thing you want instead, and how it would look, feel, sound like, etc.) Breathe for a 30 seconds imagining that in full color.

Now how do you feel? If you are like me, giving my powerful mind something awesome to focus on for a full minute (even if you feel it’s unrealistic) does wonders for your stress level, AND gives your mind new filters. Now it will unconsciously be looking for proof of that new reality happening. Your mind can’t help it. It’s what it does. In just one minute you’ve instantly offered yourself new glasses, if you will, with which to focus and see through.

Do this as often as you need to in order to shift the direction of your powerful imagination.

What do I want instead?

Seems like life gets more and more stressful…. or is it? If you shift your focus to what is working well, and how you would choose for things to play out, you may just find your stress level decreases.

Leila Ansart

Leila Ansart

Success Coach


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